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London, 2 May 2017: The average B2B marketing salary has fallen by more than £1500 since 2016, according to the B2B Marketing Salary Survey 2017-18.

The average annual salary for B2B marketers this year is £46,442, a 3.4% drop over the past 12 months.

The research, carried out by B2B Marketing in partnership with The Jefferson Group, also found:

• The gender pay gap has widened significantly: While the average annual male salary rose to £56,529, the average female salary fell to £42,193.
• Client-side marketers earn more than their agency counterparts: Inhouse marketers earn £659 more a year than those working for marketing agencies.
• Pay in London outstrips the rest of the UK: The average salary in London is £55,074, £13,000 more than the average for the rest of the UK (£41,604).
• It pays to develop a broad skillset: The average salary of a...

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