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B3 Creative launches road safety film aimed at teenagers - London, 25 May 2010

Youth marketing specialists B3 Creative have launched a fun short film with a serious message about road safety.

Commissioned by Merton Council in London, the two-minute film called Merton's Got Safety, stars young actors in Year 10 (15 year olds) from local schools, Bishopsford Community School and Ricards Lodge High School.

Merton Council director of environment and regeneration Chris Lee said: “We want our youngsters to take notice of other road users and keep themselves safe. The film is a direct and very immediate way of communicating our road safety messages in a way that will appeal to the school age group.”

The film, shot by Phink TV, draws on hit TV show Britain's Got Talent for inspiration. In each scene, a young person acts out how they would...

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