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132 pages of autumn delights

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Landlust, a lifestyle magazine embodying the spirit of the countryside, packs the best of the season on 132 pages full of autumn gardening, cooking, DIY, homemaking and country life delights

From delightful autumn trees to creating hearty seasonal flavours with a dash of beer, the pages of Landlust’s current edition provide readers with the perfect autumn edit. The German-born magazine, which was launched in the UK in November 2015, celebrates the spirit of the countryside with off-the-beaten track and inspiring content on food and seasonal recipes, gardening, nature and wildlife as well as crafts and do-it-yourself ideas. A snapshot of the content pages gives a taste of what readers can expect:

- Autumn’s best kept garden secret:
All about a small tree that makes a big impact with a spectacular range of autumn colours and its ability to fill the air with a delightful cake-like aroma Read full release

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