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As England’s World Cup dreams have been shattered, the people of Britain are left questioning the behaviour of the players on the pitch. Extravagant lifestyles, excessive wages and a lack of teamwork have driven the people of Britain to vote our England boys as the least gentlemanly sportsmen.

But England players haven’t always been so ungentlemanly. In fact, captain of England’s 1966 World Cup winning team – Sir Bobby Moore – was ranked the nation’s number one sporting gent. The poll, commissioned by – the true gentleman of online casinos, demonstrates the need for sportsmen to work harder at being role models for those who look up to them.

Sir Bobby’s mild-mannered temperament on the pitch was considered the trait of a true sporting gentleman, and the people of Britain now believe that the current England players need a lesson in gentlemanly conduct in order to stand a chance of ever succeeding in another World Cup victory.


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