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Bill Oddie’s Bird Food Recipes recently launched their quarterly Ask Bill Oddie event where questions asked through twitter (using the #AskBillOddie hash tag), facebook and YouTube are put to Bill Oddie – Britain’s favourite bird food chef.

One of the most frequently asked questions Bill Oddie hears whilst out on the Heath is, “I often take my little girl to feed the ducks. We throw in pieces of bread. They seem to love it but is it bad for them?” Fortunately, whilst filming Ask Bill Oddie, the right moment to answer this question presented itself and Bill’s answer is plain and simple: “leave the loaf at home – not at the duck pond, please.” However, Bill recognizes that feeding the ducks is a great way to introduce children to nature.

“Well, for a start it won’t be just the ducks that go for the bread: Swans, Canada Geese, probably Coot and – most squabbly and screechy of all...

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