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Britain’s favourite top 10 surprising celebrity friends revealed

Lady Gaga and ‘Eastenders’ actress June Brown are currently in top spot!

A recent poll has revealed that Oscar and Grammy award-winner Lady Gaga and ‘Eastenders’ star June Brown top the list of Britain’s favourite unexpected celebrity pairings, closely followed by the decade-plus long friendship between Gordon Brown and Shakira, and basketball buddies Meryl Streep and 50 Cent.

The research of 2,000 Brits by Rowse ChocoBee, a new chocolate spread with a surprisingly delicious combination of only two ingredients; pure and natural honey and certified sustainable cocoa, saw one of the most notable beekeepers in the UK, the Queen and Brits’ favourite wildlife expert, David Attenborough in fourth place.

The study was commissioned by Rowse ChocoBee’s new face-of-brand duo - Honey and Cocoa - to check out their competition in the nation’s favourite surprising celebrity mates list. The pair might not have their eyes on the football scene like Ryan Reynolds and Delia Smith, but they’ve been brought to life to give these famous faces a run for their money.

Pairings of celebs with football clubs featured twice, with the recent purchase of Wrexham Football Club by Ryan Reynolds featuring in fifth, and Delia Smith’s majority shareholding of Norwich City in ninth place. And long-term musical pair Eminem and Elton John hit the middle of the list with a friendship spanning two decades.

Top 10 surprising but favourite celeb friends
1. Lady Gaga and June Brown (Dot Cotton)
2. Gordon Brown and Shakira
3. Meryl Streep and 50 Cent
4. David Attenborough and The Queen
5. Ryan Reynolds and Wrexham Football Club
6. Eminem and Elton John
7. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett
8. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart
9. Delia Smith and Norwich City
10. Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Rinder (Judge Rinder)

The new duo yet to make the list, Honey and Cocoa, are a definite game-changer to wake up to. The two simple ingredients create Rowse ChocoBee, an un-bee-lievably yummy chocolate spread that’s perfect for the whole family. In fact, the best new way to start your morning is with a moreish spread of Rowse ChocoBee on toast, or add it to just about any breakfast item for some extra pzazz – swirl it into porridge or spoon it into hot milk to make a delightful drink. Plus, it’s got no nasty added extras like palm oil and it’s suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.

Plus, Rowse ChocoBee doesn’t only taste good, but it does good too. The honey is 100% natural and the cocoa is sustainably farmed, certified by UTZ, a program that’s part of the Rainforest Alliance. As with Rowse’s tasty pure honey range, Rowse ChocoBee is part of Hives for Lives, a programme of vital initiatives that protects honey bees and supports beekeepers around the world. And to put the cherry on top, all packaging for Rowse ChocoBee is 100% recyclable and is perfect for reuse for the creatives among us!

Rowse ChocoBee (MRSP is £2.49 for a 340g jar) is available now. Check out for more information and full stockist details. Follow us on social: @rowsehoney on Facebook and Twitter and @rowsehoneyuk on Instagram #chocobee

Notes to Editors
About Rowse ChocoBee

Rowse ChocoBee is a new chocolate spread with only two ingredients: 100% pure and natural honey and UTZ-certified, sustainable cocoa. These two ingredients combined are unbelievably yummy; they are a perfect pairing. Because these two ingredients were simply meant to be together, Rowse have bought the two to life by introducing Honey the bee and Cocoa the pod for the brand’s first campaign. Through a series of illustrations and animations the two characters deliver sweet reminders and charming stories of their inseparable friendship. Honey and Cocoa inhabit a simple world in which their unshakable friendship is always centre stage; trampolining on flower petals, tandem bike riding and even water-skiing.

About Rowse

Rowse Honey was founded over 80 years ago and has been sharing a love of honey with the UK ever since. Today, Rowse is the UK’s favourite honey brand. Its range of honeys can be found in all the major national supermarkets. The Rowse team travels all over the world to find delicious, quality honeys for honey lovers to enjoy. Each one is 100% as nature intended, with nothing added and nothing taken away - pure deliciousness in every drizzle, swirl and spread. In 2021, Rowse ventured into chocolate spreads with the launch of Rowse ChocoBee - a chocolate spread with only two ingredients: 100% natural honey and UTZ-certified sustainable cocoa.

Honey is a wonder product the world can’t live without. That’s why Rowse is passionately doing all it can to help protect the incredible honey bees through its 'Hives for Lives' programme of vital initiatives. Rowse is proud to work alongside three 'Hives for Lives' partners - the Bee Farmers Association (BFA), Bees For Development (BFD) and the Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects (LASI) at Sussex University. Together, Rowse is inspiring the next generation of bee farmers, funding vital research into bees and offering a sustainable pathway out of poverty through beekeeping in Ethiopia.

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