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This week, we’ve hit the one-year milestone of pandemic-related lockdowns and everyday
restrictions. The way consumers purchase cosmetics has changed dramatically, and still now we’re still not clear when it will be possible to get into stores and ‘test’ products before buying.

Pre-pandemic, choice and range were fantastic benefits of makeup brands. Now, having over 40 foundation shades to choose from – from a screen – is a nightmare. And research shows we’re all paying the cost. As is the planet.

With so much choice out there in the number of foundation shades available, we’re increasingly making the wrong choices and throwing away our beauty buys. So, are we doing more harm than ever before?

A new study by makeup brand, WUNDER2, has revealed that 76% of buyers have been ordering more makeup online in the last year, but unbelievably nearly half (40%) are throwing it away when it arrives as it isn’t the right. That’s an awful lot...

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