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Plant School - Visualisation

Jo Lambell of Beards & Daisies invites you to enrol in Plant School, to help plant a new future
for our planet.

Combining their love of greenery with their passion for sustainability, Beards & Daisies are proud to present the Plant School as part of the Chelsea Flower Show's Houseplant Studios.

A primary school with a mission to save and protect our planet, and a curriculum focused on educating children on all things green - from biodiversity to growing their own produce. Pupils are led by their inspiring headteacher, none other than Sir David Attenborough.

The Plant School believes there is a lot we can learn from the past in order to protect our future. Featuring a nostalgic nod to 80s and 90s primary schools, complete with a traditional blackboard and wooden desks. To an inspired look at how schools might operate in the future.

Packed full of plants to educate, inspire, motivate and even nourish its students....

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