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OneHub Recognition in action

When it comes to recognition, a picture says a thousand words – OneHub Recognition to transform the meaning of being recognised

Goodbye, carriage clocks, annual voucher-giving, and clunky experiences: OneHub Recognition is changing the way people can express their appreciation at work. Benefex have launched a brand-new social app which allows colleagues to give each other immediate thanks, wherever they are, whatever they’re working on.

Many organisations have found they’re being held back by outdated technologies which lead to them being reactive rather than proactive to employee wants and needs. Benefex’s OneHub platform delivers exceptional employee experiences for over a million employees, worldwide. Now, with the launch of Recognition, employers will be able to embrace truly social recognition that reinforces culture and values, anywhere around the globe.

Matt Macri-Waller, Founder and CEO of Benefex says:
“We have had huge...

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