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Despite the obvious challenges during the year, the demand for non-surgical body treatments has continued to grow with more than one-in-four patients seeking some form of body treatment in 2020. Of those enquiring about body treatments, the vast majority enquire about fat reduction followed by skin tightening.

Key statistics from our survey:

1. 21% increase in non-surgical body treatments delivered

2. 78% of body treatments completed were for fat reduction

3. 73% of fat reduction treatments were for the stomach & flanks

Men make up a minor proportion of total body enquiries, with skin tightening and cellulite treatments being almost exclusively sought by women. However, men do make up just over 30% of fat reduction and muscle treatment enquiries.

The greatest change in enquiries has been in terms of cellulite solutions, which is up over 200% and driven in the main by the success of Emtone which...

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