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Reece Barclay & Lucy Charles triathletes

Find love in the gym this Valentine’s Day
And you’ll be fitter than ever before

Joining a gym and working out isn’t just good for your health, it’s great for your love life too… according to new research from leisure group ‘Better’ (a not for profit, social enterprise).
The romantic heartland of ‘gymsphere’ is London – where one in ten of us has met their partner while at the gym or playing sport. This is in contrast to the solitary West Midlands where only 1% have started a romance on the playing field, treadmill or sports hall. Amongst those of us still looking for love, a further one in ten would attend a ‘singles night’ at their local gym if given the chance.
Overall nearly a third (30%) of Britons who take exercise do so with a partner or friend, with more than half of us (52%) believing that working out with a partner can improve a relationship. In fact, 40% believe that...

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