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Bianca Best, author of new book Flourish

The effect of sleep deprivation on the body and mind is well documented with poor sleep being linked to physical problems such as a weakened immune system and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.* Adults who sleep less than six hours a night also have a 13% higher mortality risk.**

Research indicates that 20% of road accidents involve a driver with fatigue, and these accidents are 50% more likely to result in death or serious injury.***

Amazon best-selling author, tech-preneur, global media industry leader, mother of four and insuppressibly alpha female, Bianca Best, knows only too well how supposed ‘extreme productivity’ coupled with a lack of sleep and value compromise can be destructive and lead to cycles of burnout.

Bianca Best says, “Across two decades of personally chasing unrealistic success ideologies I squashed my authentic nature and repeatedly...

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