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Spectrum is gold! To mark 50 years since Captain Scarlet first graced our TV screens, Anderson Entertainment, Big Finish Productions and ITV Studios Global Entertainment have collaborated to bring Captain Scarlet adventures to the 21st century.

Out on the 29th of September, these 16 classic Scarlet stories are a celebration of Gerry Anderson’s 1967 iconic Supermarionation series. The adventures of the man that fate has made indestructible, versus the Mysterons from Mars continue to excite and terrify generations!

The first release, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set, features five digitally remastered Century 21 mini albums, eight adapted television audio stories narrated by Captain Blue (Ed Bishop), lavish full-colour packaging, a Spectrum Agents Briefing Booklet containing rare archive imagery, Spectrum Personnel Files and production information, and a brand new exclusive 60-minute audio documentary...

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