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Ray Winstone, actor

Renowned British actor Ray Winstone, known for such films as Sexy Beast, Indiana Jones 4 and The Departed, has got behind a new initiative to enable children from mainstream schools to take drama examinations as part of their literacy lessons or after school clubs, so to develop their reading and writing, confidence and self-esteem.

Ray Winstone, who was born and raised in Plaistow knows all too well the value of drama.

“My reading was terrible but all that changed when I started drama classes. Drama also improved my confidence and helped me get on with others, which improved my prospects in life. By taking these drama exams it will help young kids who find learning difficult a lot easier. I’m pleased that children from working class backgrounds can now get the same opportunities that are normally open to children that come from affluent families. This is good for our schools and for society. I am very keen to see this worth while project succeed.” Read full release

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