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MAY 1, 2016. British explorer Jason Lewis announces his latest expedition, Micro Earths, in conjunction with publication of the final instalment of The Expedition trilogy, chronicling the first human-powered circumnavigation of the Earth.

During his pioneering 13-year journey around the planet, Lewis survived a crocodile attack, blood poisoning, malaria, altitude sickness, two broken legs, and incarceration for suspected espionage. However, his greatest challenge was adapting to the tiny boat he pedalled across the world’s oceans. At sea for months on end, he learnt how to conserve water, food, energy, and other essential resources to survive. Having mastered living within this “closed system,” Lewis will now lead a series of expeditions to similar Micro Earths—small, isolated communities that not only survive but thrive within finite constraints. The project mission is to unearth timeless...

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