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Halloween promotions at Tidy Bingo

The team at Tidy Bingo have donned their witches’ hats and wizards’ cloaks to cook up double, double, toil and trouble in their prize cauldron with not one but TWO Halloween promotions for their players.

Trick or Treat is the network promotion found at all 11 brands on the 15 Network. There are a selection of prizes on offer in special games in a new room but for Tidyer’s (the nickname for players at Tidy Bingo) there’s double the chance to win with the exclusive HalloWIN promotion.

The HalloWIN promotion runs until 31st October, just before witching hour, and in order to take home the treat offered you have to spell BOO by winning on the relevant patterns in the 75 ball room. One B and two O’s are required and for every player who bags the wins, there is a £50 bonus reward.

You don’t have to go knocking on any doors or dress up in hideously scary costumes to take...

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