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(15th September 2003, Cambridge, UK) BioWisdom are pleased to announce a non-exclusive license agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), to provide elements of their biomedical ontology.

An ontology is a specialized form of knowledgebase that describes the relationships that exist between concepts in a particular domain. Examples of ontology concepts relevant to pharmaceutical R&D include diseases, genes and proteins, tissues and cells, drugs and chemicals. Under this agreement, BioWisdom will provide an ontology covering the classification of the human proteins that are of greatest interest for drug discovery. Synonyms, labeled for ambiguity as appropriate, are included in the ontology, making it particularly useful for information retrieval engines to enhance the quality of searching.

The ontology has been provided under a license agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, GSK have rights to use the ontology across a number of internal applications...

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