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If you have recently been to any antenatal classes, hospital tours or even been online you may have noticed the latest product designed for use during birth; if not you soon will because the Comfortable Upright Birth (CUB) Support is now used in more than half of all maternity hospitals and birth centres in the UK as well as in countries from Iceland to Australia, the USA and China.

Scottish company Birthsparks Ltd. are the creators and global distributors of the award winning CUB that is now the most widely used, innovative product to reach the healthcare maternity market in recent years. They are delighted to announce that the CUB will be available for mothers who want to ensure they have access to a CUB during pregnancy to help them have the safer, healthier birth that they want.

So what is it?

The CUB is a cross between a birth ball and a birth stool; designed by a midwife to provide comfortable support for mothers who want to...

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