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Create a Crisp

Are you bored of the same old crisp flavours? Ever wished that could create your own flavour? Well, prepare to be amazed…

Do you remember the brand Salt and Shake, that came with a little blue sachet of salt that - after digging out of the bag - you tore open and sprinkled over the crisps? Well, Create a Crisp have taken the concept of seasoning your own crisps to a new dimension, by offering a multi-pack of crisps that comes with a range of 10 different flavour sachets!

This allows you to mix and match seasoning sachets to create your very own flavour of crisps, and with a choice of 10 flavours per multipack, there are - quite literally - hundreds of different flavour combinations.

Use their reduced fat, crinkle-cut crisps as your canvas, and think of the flavour sachets as your paint - a delicious and unique piece of potato crisp artwork is the inevitable result!

Perfect for sharing with the whole family, in just a few...

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