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Good & Honest plant-based snacks

Good & Honest is a new brand of innovative, healthy, plant-based snacks that offers consumers an indulgent treat that allows them to stick to their nutritional goals.

Made using “all natural” ingredients, they are lower in calories, lower in saturated fat and a source of both fibre and protein. Good & Honest was founded with a simple mission in mind: good ingredients, honestly made.

The “better-for-you snack market in the UK is worth £145 Million*, is growing rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down.

By providing delicious, exciting and healthy snacks, Good & Honest intends to become a market leading provider of “better-for-you” snacks over the next few years.

Our snacks are never fried – we use innovative technology to “pop” our snacks, giving them the signature crunch that consumers expect, without the negative health credentials that result from frying snacks in oil.

The majority of the range is...

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