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Two of BO-BORSA's most popular bags

Tyvek® was developed by Dupont in the United States as a strong and weatherproof covering to be used in the building trade. The material looks and feels just like paper and yet it is extremely strong, almost indestructible, and very light, even lighter than paper. It is waterproof and resists most solvents, mould and mildew as well as most acids, bases and salts. It is also UV resistant. It has outstanding flexibility and, in tests has exceeded 20,000 folding cycles without deterioration. In short it is something of a wonder material.

Michael Lambert, the owner of BO-BORSA, discovered this material on a visit to China just over two years ago. It occurred to him at once that, since Tyvek® looked so much like paper and yet had so many other qualities, there must be other uses for it and so began the journey which led to the recent launch of a range of bags, luggage and iPhone cases.


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