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Jaymie Moran Cofounder of Body Smart

Health Coach Reveals How Adele Ate 3,000 Calories a Day and Lost 100lbs

Superstar songstress, Adele, shocked the world with her dramatic 100lb weight loss, and a UK health coach has revealed how she could have achieved this by eating 3,000 calories a day.

Jaymie Moran, the co-founder of online coaching company, Body Smart, turned super sleuth to delve into Adele’s nutrition and exercise habits to lift the lid on her impressive transformation.

Jaymie said, “At this time of year, people will be looking to celebrities like Adele for inspiration for their 2022 goals. At Body Smart, we like to deliver the facts, not fads, of fat loss, so it was important to us to show how a realistic weight loss transformation can be achieved without restrictive diets. Adele is the perfect example of this, so we delved into her numbers, and it’s very plausible that she achieved her 100lb weight loss by eating over 3,000 calories a day.”


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