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Peggy Lee Loves London: My London Guide

As Eurovision returns for another year, the UK’s last act to win is ready to launch her latest masterpiece - and this time it’s not a hit song. Katrina and the Waves lead singer Katrina Leskanich has spent the last six years compiling a quirky new London tour guide with her partner Sher Harper - a freelance writer - and their four-legged friend Peggy Lee.

Peggy Lee Loves London goes on and off-the-beaten-track in London, with a particular focus on music, food, street art, city curiosities and open spaces. Peggy Lee, a discriminating white toy poodle, reveals a side of London that is not shown in the usual tourist guides.

Katrina says: “I moved to London in 1997 and because I was often away on tour, found it difficult to really get to know the city until I got Peggy Lee and then we explored the city together. I took a camera with me and we discovered some of London’s cool, fun and off-the-beaten-track places. I took lots of photos and of course it...

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