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7/11/18 Dallas, Texas - Boston are pleased to host Nyriad at SC18 in Dallas, between 12-15th November, who will be running two demonstrations on the stand [Stand #3255].

The first demonstration, in partnership with BeeGFS, the leading parallel cluster file system developed by ThinkParQ; will harness Nyriad’s NSULATE that complements BeeGFS to enable high performance, scale out parallel file systems with data resilience beyond RAID.

NSULATE enables high performance from BeeGFS and XFS even in the face of a large number of simultaneous drive failures, critical for maintaining I/O throughput when dealing with extremely large datasets typical in HPC. This solution is being tested in the research and development departments of all organisations, including at the world-famous Boston Labs where the final solution on the Boston Igloo Nebari will be hand-tuned and optimised to run on a large-scale at very high performance.

“Nyriad’s and...

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