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UK/Southwest digital healthcare company Brain in Hand has won a third prestigious Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Healthcare award. The near £400,000 GBP award, funded by NHS England & NHS Improvement, will help provide support services for young autistic and neurodivergent people (16-25), whether diagnosed or currently awaiting a diagnosis.

There are an estimated 125,000 young people (16-25) in the UK with neurological differences (including autism, ADHD, and dyslexia, among other diagnoses), many of whom will face unacceptable health inequalities. They will have poorer health outcomes than their neurotypical peers: the average life expectancy for an autistic person is 25 years less than for the population as a whole(1), nearly eight in ten autistic people are also managing mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders(2), and 15% of people hospitalised after a suicide attempt have an autism diagnosis(3) (a disproportionately huge figure considering...

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