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• Successful 13-week field trial demonstrated effectiveness and safety of Oxitec’s new just-add-water Friendly™ mini-capsule mosquito product in dengue-impacted city
• Friendly™ mini-capsules are designed to equip governments and communities of all sizes with a highly-effective and economically sustainable Aedes aegypti control solution
• Product eliminates costly adult mosquito production facilities, complex rearing systems, need for expert staff, vehicle-based deployment, and female releases
• 94% of city residents supported Oxitec’s Friendly™ technology

Oxford, UK – May 2020 – Oxitec Ltd., a leading developer of safe and targeted biological solutions to control insects that transmit disease and destroy crops, today announced the preliminary results of a successful trial for new Friendly™ Aedes aegypti mini-capsule technology. Implemented in close partnership with the City of Indaiatuba, Brazil, the Friendly™ mini-capsule product...

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