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Institutional racism is one of the most toxic problems facing British society. It has been a significant issue for generations, albeit one that is often hidden from plain sight. Institutional racism reduces the chances and prospects of ethnic minorities in the UK at almost every milestone of life. One example is, teachers are 3.5 times more likely to exclude black children of Caribbean descent than other children [1].

The issue of institutional racism is exacerbated by the white majority's denials and the silence that follows attempts at bringing racism to attention, however, the BLM movement has hugely helped to raise awareness of racism as a British problem. Breakfast Clubs Against Racism is an anti-racism charity that creates a new approach to tackling systemic racism in the UK. They believe that education has a significant role to play. The Founder for Breakfast Clubs Against Racism said, "Only through education and understanding can we eradicate long-standing...

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