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Consumers love glass best

A new Europe-wide survey by the independent research consultancy InSites on behalf of FEVE (European Container Glass Federation), shows that despite the growth of other packaging materials, glass remains the consumers’ preference for food and drinks. The study, conducted in December 2010 across 17 countries, revealed three key reasons given by Europeans for this preference: glass packaging preserves the taste of its contents; it is considered to be healthy and safe; and it is environmentally friendly.

The comprehensive InSites study polled more than 8,000 consumers across Europe about their perception of packaging materials. In addition to confirming that glass is the preferred choice for Europeans, the poll also highlighted differences between the top three ‘drivers of choice’ in different countries.

In the UK, the top three reasons for choosing glass were that it preserves the taste best (38%); food and drink stays fresh longer (30%) and 29% of...

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