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Camden primary school, Eleanor Palmer, will kick off the new academic year with a visit from local Labour MP, Frank Dobson, on Tuesday September 3rd at 11am.

In a bid to educate students about the importance of democracy and politics, Year Six pupils staged an official Election Day to vote for a brand new flooring design supplied by Harvey Maria. To congratulate their efforts, Frank will be unveiling the new junior block flooring design for the first time.

Rt Hon Frank Dobson MP, said: “It’s very encouraging to see younger children learning about the election process. Their voting and decision-making will impact on the school and many students for years to come.”

Meadows, Pebbles and Autumn Leaves took the form of three different political parties, with Pebbles taking the majority vote. The day had a positive response with children encouraging their parents to vote in local elections. Nell Godwin, representative of the winning Pebbles...

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