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Buddies toothbrush system for toddlers

Sian Ellingworth BSc; MCIPS, founder and MD of Buddies has conceived a new brushing system that appeals to children who dislike conventional toothpaste flavours. It is aimed at children aged between 2 and 5, although a smear of paste on a brush is great for those first couple of teeth. And for parents who struggle with the tooth cleaning routine.

Sian Ellingworth says: "My mission is to improve a child’s experience of brushing their teeth. I want them to find it enjoyable and fun, as it encourages adherence to a routine, which in turn improves oral health. A tube of Buddies Toothpaste last 3 months, which equates to £20 a year. Not a huge outlay for a child’s oral health."

Sian is currently crowdfunding to enable production of the Buddies Apple Fresh tooth brush and the Secret Formula Toothpaste ( Read full release

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