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After the Prime Minister’s announcement that the lockdown is set to be gradually lifted this month, Britain is getting back to work to begin the process of rebuilding businesses, careers and the UK economy. Yet, people are worried and concerned that by returning to their places of work, they may be putting themselves and their loved ones in danger. To help the relief effort, Dr Morton’s – the medical helpline has been providing free consultations for nurses, doctors and frontline NHS staff during this pandemic through Tonsmor Volunteer NHS Doctors.
Here, seven Dr Morton’s GPs and consultants give their expert advice to help keep workers safe:

Get back in to a routine: Dr Ellen Welch, GP and member of the 111 COVID response team online. Author of The NHS at 70

“Routine and rhythm are very important to how humans function. If you’ve ignored this over recent weeks, work towards re-establishing a new pattern.
Set your alarm for an early...

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