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Birmingham turns its back on carbon reduction

On the very day the Chancellor announced what he described as ‘the world’s first carbon budget, with a commitment to reduce emissions by 34% on 1990 levels by 2020, Birmingham City Council finally decided to consign its Tyburn Road bus lanes to the dustbin.

Tyburn Road’s bus lanes were central to a major bus priority corridor in the city, intended to offer a fast and efficient public transport alternative for local travel into the city. Bus operator Travel West Midlands committed to a new fleet of articulated buses for the route, which also had new stops and real time information systems, which tell passengers how many minutes they have to wait for the bus. However roadworks on the M6 meant that the bus lanes were closed ‘temporarily’ to cope with car traffic volumes. That was five years ago and they have never reopened. Last night Birmingham City Council announced the closure would be permanent and a start...

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