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CEDR (the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) formally announces an intake of six mediators to its panel in the last 12 months.

The CEDR Mediator Panel, acknowledged to contain many of the most experienced commercial mediators available in the UK and internationally, previously numbering 100 mediators has grown in recent years and today now stands at 142 covering 22 countries. This gives users of mediation the greatest possible reassurance of access to a range of expert experience no matter the dispute.

This increase in the panel reflects the growing demand for quality commercial mediators – in the UK alone figures produced by CEDR from its 2018 Mediation Audit show a 20% growth in demand for mediation in civil disputes since 2016.

The new members of the panel have all had to undergo a highly rigorous selection process. The recent additions to the panel include:

- Andrew Miller QC, Barrister, 2 Temple Gardens,...

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