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Largest Oil/Water sperator in the world

A new company called C.I.Agent Solutions UK Limited is offering a product to tackle oil spills by turning the spill into solid rubber-like mass. USA Manufacturer is helping with Mexican Gulf Oil Spill.

A revolutionary polymer which turns oil into solid looks set to rescue large areas of the Gulf of Mexico from becoming the world largest ever oil pollution site. Already a barrier several miles long has been built on Dauphin Island, scene of potentially some of the worst pollution, which is the world's largest oil/water separator. Inside it is the polymer. As the oil enters the barrier it is turned into solids which are then taken away for non-hazardous disposal or recycling into other products such as Asphalt.

The polymer, developed by C.I.Agent Solutions in the USA, is also being used by utility companies for pollution protection around their transformers, waste pipes and hundreds of other applications. C.I.Agent Solutions Limited in the UK is...

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