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As the population ages, a potential new class of pensioner is rapidly emerging according to a leading Gold Standard wealth manager.

OOPs, or, Out Of Pocket Seniors will slip into retirement and age long beyond their means. And for many they may not even see it coming. The revelation comes on the back of research* showing just how great the prospect of living to an advanced age is.

Lee Robertson of City-based wealth management firm Investment Quorum said: ‘Many feel that retirement will be the Golden years of their lives but they may be living off coppers! There are of course real benefits people will see from living longer than their parents and grandparents. Better healthcare and greater independence are all pluses but increases in the cost of living and lower returns on pension annuities may conspire to take the gloss off retirement for many. According to updated actuarial assumptions a 35 year old has a two in three chance of living to 85, one in...

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