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"CRUSHED WINGS ‒ to be released in 2018 ‒ is the first drama film in history on Female Genital Mutilation and is set to force our eyes open to the harsh reality of this brutal, increasingly widespread cultural ritual." Rhianne Hardman

Independent production company Cam Buddha Films is making waves in the industry this month with the introduction of their film Crushed Wings. Shot in hauntingly stunning locations across England, India and Nepal, this visually enchanting film follows the tragic journey of young Ria. She suffers a sickening cycle of abuse at the hands of her community, beginning with a brutal backstreet FGM procedure at age 5 ̶ something that over 200 million women alive today have been forced to undergo. Based on the collective real-life experiences of these women, the film boldly shines a spotlight on the realities of FGM, forced marriage and honour killing.

The team is headed by award-winning director and producer Lalit Bhusal who...

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