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Argos Home Global Monochrome Collection

From curtains to cushions, sofas to throws, new research shows that almost two thirds of millennials* (aged 25-34) in the UK dress their home in the same style as their personal fashion. The research commissioned by Argos examines the link between consumers’ fashion style and home interior choices, following the launch of Argos’ new TV campaign ‘homeware so stylish you can wear it’, which celebrates the design credentials of its homeware and furniture.

The findings reveal that 67% of renters surveyed place importance on their home reflecting their personal style, a figure that leaps to nearly 75% amongst first-time buyers. Such is the desire to infuse a sense of personal style into the home, that a direct correlation is seen between consumers replicating their fashion sense into furniture choices, colour schemes and overall interior style, with over half of millennials who dress in a minimal style taking a minimalistic approach to the interior decoration of their...

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