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Dr Rola Hallam

Today, Hope Hospital, which was crowdfunded by people from all over the world opens to treat the children of Aleppo.

Last December CanDo spearheaded the People’s Convoy campaign, alongside partners organisations; Across The Divide, Doctors Under Fire, Hand in Hand for Syria, Phoenix Foundation, The Syria Campaign, UOSSM, raising money to rebuild the last children’s hospital that had been bombed out of action in Aleppo.

The campaign resonated with public figures, humanitarian organisations and the public globally and resulted in raising a staggering £246,505 (270% of the fundraising target) in just 14 days, which in addition to rebuilding the hospital, also provided enough funding for six months of running costs.

The convoy departed from Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London on December 17th 2016 to a buzz of media attention. The heavy goods vehicle carrying the...

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