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Dr Megan Rossi x Poo-Pourri World Digestive Health Day
**CREDIT MUST READ: Dr Megan Rossi for Poo-Pourri**

Registered dietitian Dr Megan Rossi (PhD, RD), research fellow at King’s College London and author of Eat Yourself Healthy, says:

1. What should we all start doing to help with our digestive health?

No two people have the same gut or gut microbiota (or as I like to call our GM, the trillions of microbes we house in our digestive tract) and what’s right for you will depend on where your gut health is currently.

While there’s no ‘ideal’ one-size-fits-all for everyone, there is a GM that’ll be just right for you. If you look after your gut health with plenty of plant-based foods, by practising mindfulness and sleeping well, among other strategies, you’re likely to cultivate your own optimal GM.

Here are my top tips to look after your gut health.

● Eat a wide variety of plant-based...

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