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Just 25% of influencers know a brand’s goals for the campaigns they work on, according to new research by influencer marketing platform ZINE.

ZINE surveyed 1,000 influencers and more than 1,300 consumers, to discover how influencers work with brands, and how consumers perceive posts that are sponsored by brands.

Key finding of the report are:

Influencer follower numbers are a brand’s first concern, but consumers are more interested in trust, connection and specialist knowledge.
• 41% of influencers report that brands ask them for follower numbers before deciding whether to work with them. Only 29% of influencers are asked about their audience demographics. Just 11% of influencers who are paid to post a blog for a brand are asked for their analytics to prove the value of the post.
• 25% of consumers are likely or very likely to buy a product when someone...

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