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CaseLines Releases Next Generation of its Digital Evidence Management Platform

Support for Permissions Based Multiple Bundles and Enhanced Security Underpin Latest Release

London UK, April 24, 2018, the next generation of the CaseLines digital evidence management platform was released today. Central to the release CaseLines have advanced their unique extended structural metadata model to allow users to build and control defined relationships between the evidence, multiple parties, the court and the judge, enabling multi-bundle functionality.

Legal cases involve multiple parties with different roles such as barrister and expert witness. Often there is a need to target relevant evidence documents to only one group or individual, for example an expert witness. Traditionally this specific evidence would be sent either as a separate paper bundle or as a PDF document and any changes or additions to the evidence shared would require a new paper or PDF bundle to be sent each time changes are made.

Using the CaseLines digital evidence management platform a user can create multiple sub-bundles from their master evidence bundle, sharing relevant information quickly and efficiently with other parties by inviting them into CaseLines to collaborate, eliminating the need to share paper or PDFs. Any changes to the master bundle will be automatically reflected in the relevant sub-bundle and those with access to that sub-bundle notified automatically of the update. In addition, other parties can be given permission to add documents to the case without the need to have full visibility of the master bundle.

Benefits to users include:
• Better control of evidence within a secure permissions-based digital environment with full audit trail, preventing un-authorised disclosure of confidential material
• Faster disclosure of evidence to relevant parties, thus reducing pre-trial preparation time and allowing lawyers to make more informed decisions and better prepare their arguments
• Save time and money by quickly drawing down documents into as many sub-bundles as required at the click of a button
• Update bundles instantly for all parties, even during hearings, preventing costly adjournments whilst additional evidence is filed and new bundles are prepared.

“Even in the first few weeks of using the multiple bundle functionality, we have been able to manage our cases more efficiently” commented Andrea Kilby, Business Development Manager, Orbis Public Law, the legal services partnership of Brighton and Hove City Council, East Sussex County Council, Surrey County Council and West Sussex County Council. “Being able to name a sub-bundle by the hearing name is particularly useful. This new functionality is simple to use and visibility of which parties have access to which bundles is obvious at a glance, particularly important where access to documents is restricted such as in the case of intervenor bundles", Kilby continued.

Security has also been enhanced in this latest release with the introduction of two factor authentication. The flexible and collaborative nature of the CaseLines evidence management platform means that users are often external to the case owners organisation. Whilst access is always at the control of the case owner and their organisation, the addition of two factor authentication adds additional peace of mind that should a user’s login and password be compromised, security is maintained. Security is controlled at the organisation level, ensuring that two factor authentication is enforced for all users who are party to a case.

“Version 5 continues our commitment to ensuring our platform stays useful and relevant to our users and remains the most flexible digital evidence management platform in the world” commented Paul Sachs, Founder and Chief Technical Officer. “Our extended structural metadata model is at the core of everything we build and is designed to ensure our services work for the customer in the way they want to work today and into the future.”

About CaseLines

CaseLines from Netmaster Solutions, is the leading global service for the electronic preparation, collaboration and presentation of documentary and video evidence between lawyers and in the court room.

CaseLines enables courts, law firms and corporate legal departments to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve productivity. Eliminating the direct and indirect costs of paper and PDF’s, CaseLines simplifies the collaboration and presentation of courtroom evidence and allows on-demand virtual hearings. Used by over 25,000 lawyers and court officials and 1,400 judges in the United Kingdom, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, CaseLines holds over 250,000 cases, with over 70 million pages of evidence.

Founded in 2008 Netmaster Solutions is privately held and headquartered in London, UK with operations worldwide. For more information visit or follow us on twitter

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