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Following the hugely successful launch of the CSD-ARCIS Cash Spoiling Device, which saw its debut at the ATMIA Security Conference in London, Cennox have announced they are preparing to launch another breakthrough security product, the ASD-SENTINEL.

Described as a next generation of Anti-Skimmer, the ASD-SENTINEL has been designed to guard against the presence of deep insert skimmers, more precisely those referred to as Razor Skimmers.

The ASD-SENTINEL is a physical standalone device, designed to sit silently within the card reader and prevent illegal skimmers being inserted within the card reader itself.

Patrick Phelan, Managing Director of the Cennox Security Division:

“Cennox has designed and manufactured a product which gives customers the immediate protection against Razor Skimmers. The ASD-SENTINEL can be deployed across an entire estate incredibly quickly and extremely cost effectively. As the device is a physical...

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