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“As People are living longer it is more important than ever to plan for late life”

If death is a topic we like to avoid – six out of ten people have not made a will – the thought of becoming incapable of running our own lives is even more taboo.
Fewer than one in ten adults in England and Wales have taken steps to appoint someone they trust to step in and look after their affairs if they become incapacitated.
Yet the prospect of living out old age in ill health and mental confusion is one which more of us will have to face up to as a possibility because we are all living longer.
The number of people reaching their 85th birthday is expected to double by 2045, according to predictions by the Office of National Statistics, and the Alzheimer’s Society predicts that by 2051 there will be more than two million people with Alzheimer’s in the UK.

Our population is not only growing, the proportion of older people is rising. According to the...

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