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Embargo Date: 24th October 2012

Girls…Want to Improve Your Man’s Performance?
Want to make him go longer than ever before?
Want to bring a huge smile to his face?

LYNX GOLF are proud to announce the arrival of their brand new Boom Boom 2 Driver with Hot 1 Technology, just in time for Christmas.
The Boom Boom 2 Driver – with its striking red-black-and-white design - is the most technologically advanced Driver in today’s market, and is constructed using a mixture of mystery gasses inside the Bi-Titanium head which react, when heated with the specially-designed headcover, to produce drives that are not only the longest to be had – but the straightest, too.

The Boom Boom 2 is the first modern driver ever to use heat in its technology; the theory supporting it is that gas expands and increases internal club-head pressure, making the resulting ball-strike go significantly further...

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