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Chaser releases payment portal to help users get paid sooner by simplifying payments

Chaser Technologies Payment Plans

LONDON, 2 June 2021 -- Chaser, the global credit control automation platform and service provider, today introduced a payment plan feature within the application that allows users to create payment instalment plans for their customers, and automatically chase these instalments over intervals that they schedule.

Large invoices often serve as a deterrent to customers clearing their balances quickly as they could struggle with cash flow themselves. With Chaser’s new payment plan feature, users can give their customers the chance to break up their invoices into smaller, easier to manage instalments.

The payment frequency of the payment plan can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly and it will determine the due dates for each instalment. The amounts are automatically split evenly, but users can choose to make adjustments based on their preferences. After users have added a payment plan to an invoice, a 'Payment Plan' tab will appear on the invoice page where they can view the details for that specific plan.
This all can be accessed and paid for instantly using Chaser’s Payment Portal which can be included in all email reminders

"The pandemic and current global economy has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to pay each other. Our team felt that offering this functionality would help remove obstacles that might make paying businesses more difficult. By giving our customers the ability to offer payment plans, they are helping their own customers gain the ability to pay them back more easily,” Sonia Dorais, CEO of Chaser, has said. “We prioritised this in line with our mission to help businesses worldwide get paid in an efficient and friendly way so that they improve cash flow.”

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Chaser Technologies Limited helps businesses get paid sooner with its award-winning payment chasing automation platform, debt collections agency and outsourced credit control services. By sending automatic and deeply personalised reminders, the software and service provider effectively gets invoices paid on time without losing the human touch. To date, Chaser has helped users chase over £3 billion in overdue invoices.

Chaser was named the Accounting Excellence ‘Cloud App of the Year’ three years in a row (2017, 2018, and 2019), Xero’s ‘App Partner of the Year’ (2016), and App Partner of the Month (August 2019).