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SourceMogul founder Ed Brooks

April 9 2020: Embargoed until April 15

Innovative software helps homeworkers earn income as Coronavirus moves sales online

Innovative software is being used to help homeworkers source profitable products to sell on Amazon, as the number of people looking for alternative means to make money from home rockets.

A leading app by UK-based developer SourceMogul is enabling anyone self-isolating or looking after children to explore Amazon arbitrage as an alternative means of generating a primary or secondary income.

SourceMogul’s tool is suitable for everyone, from experienced traders to those who are completely new to online arbitrage, and is aimed at UK and US households looking for new income streams. It suits those with an entrepreneurial appetite and time and a relatively small amount of money to invest in a new business.

Founder Ed Brooks said: “Amazon arbitrage is a great option for those entrepreneurial...

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