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Scientists of the future delve in

For release during British Science Week, March 10-19 2017

An innovative Welsh business is proving that science is fun, not scary, with a series of weird and wonderful experiments as British Science Week gets underway.

Caerphilly-based Letterbox Lab is setting out to challenge the way children view their environment and encourage them to carry out their own mini investigations with their clever all-in-one science boxes. And this year’s British Science Week theme of ‘Change’ is particularly fitting, as Letterbox Lab was founded last year by married couple Mia and Bryan Hatton after they decided to transform their own lives!

Mia and Bryan, who met six years ago when working at Cardiff science centre Techniquest, came up with the idea for the non-commitment subscription kits after a nine-month working honeymoon, which included teaching in museums in Norway and a jungle school in Malaysia. “Along the way we met many more people who loved...

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