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NEW Business Book 'Change 3.0' offers an effective framework for SME leaders to create lasting organisational change by transforming group behaviours and culture to work towards a desired outcome

• Best-selling Dutch business book, 'Change 3.0, A natural approach for sustainable organisational change', is now available in English
• Change 3.0 addresses complex change processes such as change to a company strategy or culture
• Focuses on 7 essential principles for creating lasting organisational change by effectively influencing collective (employee) behavioural change
• Is a response to the rapid, disruptive change in today’s business climate; enables businesses to develop the skills & attitude that allows change to work for rather than against them
• Aimed at SME leaders & managers, entrepreneurs and HRs

Organisational change is traditionally rooted in problem analysis and diagnosis; Change 3.0 takes the unique approach...

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