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With NEW banana recipe formula

The nation’s favourite malt loaf brand - Soreen – have reformulated their banana loaf recipe to delight consumers taste buds with their exceptionally tasty and nutritional goodness.

The new Banana Loaf reformulation packs a punch in flavour with an authentic banana bread taste, alongside heightened nutritional’s, at a far more affordable price than other snacking and breakfast options.

At a time when households throughout the UK are striving to uphold a healthy lifestyle but are equally feeling the pressures of daily expenses and inflated costs of living, balancing health and affordability is tough. Soreen’s range provides healthier snacking alternatives whilst achieving good value for money. For example, Soreen Banana Loaf is 147 calories per portion at a cost of 30p per serving, far less that other category products or coffee shop cakes.

As the biggest HFSS compliant brand in cake Soreen...

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