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Sarah Sharp, e-Hospital CBiT therapist

The Children’s e-Hospital is delighted to announce the launch of its latest online service – Comprehensive Behaviour Intervention for Tics (CBiT).

The CBiT service, which is recommended as a first line intervention for tics*, is made up of six strategic therapeutic components to teach children coping strategies to manage their condition. Although not a cure, it has been proven to help reduce the number, severity and impact to benefit a child’s daily wellbeing.

Sarah Sharp, The Children’s e-Hospital’s behaviour therapist, said:
“The success of CBiT comes from a combination of therapies used within treatment. These consist of psychoeducation, self-awareness training, relaxation training, establishing a tic hierarchy, selecting a target tic and reverse engineering it to formulate a competing response to the target tic using habit reversal techniques, and social support.” Read full release

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