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Andy Marlow is an ex-British S.A.S serviceman turned mercenary who is working covertly at an observation post in the Balkans after a military coup has resulted in the assassination of the Serbian Prime Minister and his family.

The coup has been instigated by Olodan Cracovic, the ex-commander of the Croat army, who went into hiding after the Balkan War ended. For some years he has been on the wanted list for crimes against humanity and has now come out of hiding to pick up where he left off. During the unrest, Olodan’s army raided the U.S. Embassy and have taken the U.S Ambassador and his aide captives.

As Olodan’s army have already secured positions around Srebrenica and the surrounding towns, no foreign troops are able to enter the region. The reaction of the U.S. President is to send a team to rescue the captives and in turn take Olodan Cracovic prisoner. Due to the political implications of US Troops being deployed on the European Continent, the...

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